Rate your risk, know your options

Welcome to the Weed Resistance Risk Assessment

The goal of this site is to help gauge your risk of developing glyphosate-resistant weeds on a field-by-field basis and provide you with specific agronomic practices to better manage the risk. You can choose below whether you are in the U.S., Western Canada or Eastern Canada (English or French).

This assessment has been reviewed and evaluated by a panel of academic experts. Their knowledge and expertise is key in listing the relative risk factors and associated best management practices.

How the Site Works:

  • Answer 10 short, field-related questions.
  • Based on your responses, a Risk Rating Score will be charted from Lowest to Greatest Risk of developing glyphosate resistance.
  • You will then review the 3 highest priority areas and the associated "best farming practices" to lower your weed resistance risk.
  • Finally, you can access additional information on Best Practices, Weed Management Guides, University Weed Specialist Articles and more.