Rate your risk, know your options
Western Canada

The Weed Resistance Risk Assessment was created to help farmers gauge the risk of seeing weeds resistant to glyphosate-based herbicides in their fields. This assessment offers ways or Best Farming Practices producers can employ to manage those risks without limiting yield potential.

Ten questions were developed as the basis for this farmer field-by-field assessment. Each question and answer was run through a analytical hierarchy software to assign each relative value. The questions and answers were then assessed and reviewed by a panel of academic experts. Based on their knowledge of the practices and programs relating to the risk of developing weed resistance, these experts developed a consensus score for each of the answers. The score is used to assess whether a user may be at risk for development of weed resistance in their specific field.

After participants answer the questions and see their value, their three highest priority areas to address in relation to weed resistance risk are detailed by the corresponding Best Farming Practices. In addition to the situation specific recommendations of the assessment, users have access to additional information on weed resistance management resources within the site.

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